Sewa in Gujrat (Year 2002)

In the year 2002 a major hurricane struck in the area of Gujarat in India. Thousands of citizens fell victim to such natural disaster. The government in the area were too at stake with regards to the terrible disaster. The area of Gujarat was in shambles with no homes for the helpless and all food polluted by diseases caused by the running of natural waste.

The helpless victims held such burden upon Baba Ji, that it was not a question whether to go, it was rather when to go. With the Kirpa of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sant Baba Mann Singh Ji alongside Sant Baba Mohan Singh Ji led an operation to stabilise the helpless citizens of Gujarat by organising a Guru Ka Langar in the effected area. The langar programme fed up to an amazing 10-12 thousand people per day. All supplies were kept under temporary shelter to prevent pollution by the disaster. A nearby Gurdwara Sahib was also effected but not to such an extravagant effect. In need of electricity and gas supplies Baba Ji had arranged for generators to run day and night until the electricity supply became apparent.

An approximate 50 trucks of food, 10 tankers of oil and 20 buses of sewadars left to aid the victims of Gujarat. Sant Baba Mohan Singh Ji (Langar Wale) had arranged for all this to be in operation within a time period of 2 days from once the supplies had been delivered. Each day witnessed 40-50 bags of flour being used to feed the helpless victims.

The Guru Ka Langar ran daily for a continuous period of one month until the victims felt at ease not only physically but also mentally. Baba Ji assured he would not leave the area until the victims were able to support themselves and re-build the ruins which were caused by the disaster. All under Guru Ji's blessing the people were becoming stable with food, shelter and other essential requirements. Baba Ji stated than he could not have imagined the whole programme to be so successful, without Guru Ji's blessing which allowed him to undertake such a huge operation.

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